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Window Medics

The Window Medics process is the only cost-effective, no-hassle solution to the frustrating and annoying foggy window or condensation problems in your home or office. Our window restoration process works on both residential and commercial buildings, helping home owners and businesses alike reduce replacement costs while restoring beauty and R-Value. Our window treatment can be done when you think "repair window seals" is the answer to your window problem.

Why spend money on window replacement when Window Medics offers you a window restoration solution at a fraction of the cost? Our window repair technology makes this saving possible. Whether you have a window condensation moisture problem or just foggy windows, we can solve your thermal window problem (double or triple pane). Please note our 20 year warranty. Bottom line, we save you money while eliminating your foggy window condensation problems, and in the process, help you save on energy costs by restoring R-Value.

When the window panes are too far gone you do not have to call any one else to fix your problem. We can replace your panes and give a written 10-year manufacturers warranty.

We can repair most window hardware and frame problems but if need we can replace one window unit or all the windows in a home. Our replacement windows are modern energy efficient units. They are made from vinyl, wood, or aluminum what ever goes with the architecture of your home.

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JAH Window Medics
Using JAH Window Medics products, we can defog your double-pane windows. Most double pane windows have a habit of gaining condensation or "fog" between the glass. Using a new revolutionary technique, we can completely repair your window. This service has a fifty to seventy-percent savings over replacement and is environmentally friendly. Contact us for more information.
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  • Pane Replacement
  • Window Replacement
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After Window Treatment
For the best in window repair, replacement, and defogging services, call our professionals in Newton, Alabama.

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